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Group of expertise that focuses on scientific research and development in the field of total solution implementation and information system management.

IT  Community Services

P2M is implementation of science, technology and cultural art directly to the community in an institutional way to participate in developing the ability of the community, so as to accelerate the pace of achievement of national development goals.

IT  Implementation

The solution provided can be the implementation solution of ERP System and IT Infrastructure.

IT Consultant

The solution provided can be  implementation solution of ERP System and IT Infrastructure. Management Information System can be Enterprice Architecture Design and Information System Management


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Enterprise Architecture Design (EAD)

Research is directed to Strategy, Master Plan and Integrated System Design for Industry 4.0 1.Industry 4.0 IS Strategy is a discussion of strategy studies of different types of industries with respect to the influence of industry 4.0. 2.Master Plan Industry 4.0: Master Plan…

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory”.